Chelsea owners send supportive messages to under-pressure Pochettino

In this content, Mauricio Pochettino discusses the continued support he receives from Chelsea’s owners despite the team’s recent poor performance. Pochettino emphasizes that he is in constant contact with the club’s owners and sporting director, and has received very supportive texts from them. He also urges fans to be patient with the team and promises that the players are committed to performing well and winning games. Additionally, Pochettino addresses his relationship with defender Thiago Silva and clarifies that they have a good rapport. Overall, the content sheds light on Pochettino’s communication and relationship with the club’s owners, as well as his efforts to reassure fans and maintain strong connections with the players.
Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino spoke on Tuesday about his confidence in receiving continued support from the club’s owners, despite recent poor performances by the team. Pochettino emphasized that he is in regular communication with the owners and has received positive feedback from them.
Following consecutive losses, Pochettino also urged fans to be patient and to trust in the team’s efforts to turn things around. He emphasized the need for a strong connection between the team and its supporters, assuring that the players are committed to performing and winning games.
Regarding his relationship with defender Thiago Silva, Pochettino affirmed that it is in a good state and that they have had constructive discussions. This demonstrates the manager’s approach to maintaining positive relations and addressing any issues within the team.

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