Sources: Kylian Mbappé to join Real Madrid from PSG this summer

Kylian Mbappé’s decision to join Real Madrid is a major development in the world of European football. His choice to leave Paris Saint-Germain after six seasons and join the 14-time European champions has been long-awaited, and sources have confirmed that he will be announcing his decision next week. The move is significant not only for Mbappé but also for PSG, who now have to move forward with their plans for the future without their star player. Additionally, the financial aspects of the move, including Mbappé’s rejection of a pay rise from PSG and his expected lower wages at Madrid, add an interesting dimension to this high-profile transfer. His decision will not only impact the clubs involved but also has implications for the upcoming Olympic Games and the broader landscape of European football.
Kylian Mbappé, after much consideration, has made the decision to join Real Madrid once his contract with Paris Saint-Germain concludes this summer, as confirmed by sources to ESPN. This news was initially reported by Le Parisien. Last month, it was reported by ESPN that Madrid had extended a contract offer to Mbappé and, according to a source, he is expected to formally announce his decision to join the 14-time European champions next week. While Mbappé has yet to formally inform PSG or Real Madrid, sources have confirmed that his decision has been made.

Mbappé’s desire to represent France in the Olympic Games hosted in his home country this summer will play a crucial role in negotiations with Madrid. It should be noted that due to his previous change of heart regarding a transfer to the Bernabéu in 2022, there is still the possibility of a change of mind until the deal is officially signed by both parties. Nevertheless, it now appears highly likely that his move to Madrid will indeed materialize this summer.

Sources consulted by ESPN have revealed that PSG offered Mbappé an increase in his €72 million ($77.8m) gross salary, which he turned down. By leaving the club as a free agent, it is estimated that Mbappé will forego bonuses amounting to around €100m. Additionally, it is expected that his wages at Madrid will be approximately half of what he currently earns at PSG. As a long-time admirer of Bernabéu icons Zinedine Zidane and Cristiano Ronaldo, Mbappé has always aspired to play for Madrid and, according to a source, he believes that the time is right in his career to make the move to the Spanish capital.

Sources have indicated that PSG had contingency plans in place for both scenarios involving Mbappé staying at the club and his potential departure. However, it had been suspected within the club for some time that he would ultimately leave. With Mbappé’s future now determined, PSG will pursue their backup plan, which reportedly includes identifying AC Milan’s Rafael Leão as a replacement for the outgoing star.

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