Simeone talks about Atlético, World Cup, and the battle with Barca and Real Madrid

Diego Simeone has made an incredible mark on Atlético Madrid over the past twelve years, transforming the club into a legitimate rival to the Real/Barça duopoly and leading them to two LaLiga titles. His impact on the Madrid derby has been significant, turning it into one of European football’s most evenly matched derbies. In a recent interview with ESPN, Simeone discusses the challenges he faces in staying at the same club for so long, the responsibility and pressure that comes with his role, and his excitement for the future with emerging stars and established players. He also addresses the possibility of coaching Argentina, emphasizing his current focus on the exciting prospects for Atlético’s future. This insight into Simeone’s mindset provides a deeper understanding of his character and the challenges he faces as one of football’s longest-tenured managers.
For 12 years, Diego Simeone has been at the helm of Atlético Madrid, one of LaLiga’s biggest and most competitive clubs. Despite the challenges of rivaling Real Madrid and Barcelona, Simeone has transformed the club into a genuine contender, winning league titles, developing a new stadium, and exerting their presence in the Champions League.

Under Simeone’s leadership, the Madrid derby has evolved from a one-sided affair into a highly competitive match-up. This season’s results against Real Madrid have demonstrated both victories and setbacks. As the club prepares for another clash at the Bernabeu, Simeone reflected on his management techniques and the responsibility that comes with it, as well as his future plans for the team.

Recognizing the obstacles that come with sustained success, Simeone emphasizes his focus on cultivating a new generation of players and the need for balance within the team. While longevity akin to Sir Alex Ferguson’s 26-year tenure at Manchester United seems impossible, Simeone is eager to continue his work with Atlético Madrid for the foreseeable future. Whether or not he will one day coach Argentina, a role widely assumed for him, remains uncertain.

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