Klinsmann’s Son embraces South Korea’s reputation for ‘zombie football’

The South Korean soccer team is drawing inspiration from their fans who have dubbed their resilient style of play “zombie football.” After coming back from a 1-0 deficit to defeat Australia, the team is now headed to the semifinals of the Asian Cup. Coach Jurgen Klinsmann is happy with the nickname, but would prefer his team to win in regular time. The team’s determination is fueled by the desire to bring home a championship that has eluded them for 64 years. Star player Son Heung-Min is determined to push through any fatigue or obstacles in order to bring an Asian crown back home. The team’s resilience and mental strength are major factors in their continued success, and they are hoping to make their country proud by winning the tournament.
After scoring a thrilling injury-time equalizer and then triumphing in extra time of their Asian Cup quarterfinal against Australia, South Korea’s dynamic performance has earned them the affectionate nickname of “zombie football” from their fans, a team that refuses to die. Coach Jurgen Klinsmann is content with this moniker, though he would prefer his team to secure their next victory within the standard 90 minutes of play. The team’s perseverance during intense matches has left them with a new identity and has brought them to a semifinal showdown with Jordan.

Korea’s resilience was on full display in their recent dramatic win, in which they managed to secure victory in extra time after coming from behind. Klinsmann attributes the team’s determination to the pressure from their home country to win the title, which has been elusive for over 60 years. Despite facing adversity, the team has been able to rally and create scoring opportunities when necessary, as evidenced in their last four games in Doha. Klinsmann believes in the team’s ability to continue fighting for the Asian Cup trophy and make their country proud.

Star player Son Heung-Min has played a crucial role in Korea’s success, showcasing unwavering determination and contributing to the team’s spirit. Despite the physical demands of their extended matches, he remains focused on achieving victory for his country. Son emphasizes the importance of mentality and the unity of the team, stating that there are no excuses when playing for the country. He is determined to lead his team to victory and bring home the Asian Cup trophy, showing no regard for fatigue or any other obstacles in their path.

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