LaLiga to Hire Lip Reader to Investigate Getafe Bellingham Complaint

The incident involving Real Madrid star Jude Bellingham allegedly calling Getafe forward Mason Greenwood a “rapist” during a game has sparked controversy in LaLiga. The league has confirmed that it will look into the complaint filed by Getafe and use a lip-reading service to determine what happened. This development adds an interesting angle to the story, as it raises questions about the potential consequences for Bellingham if the alleged insult is proven true. The context of Greenwood’s previous legal issues and his departure from Manchester United also adds layers to the situation. As the investigation unfolds, it will be intriguing to see how the league and the clubs involved respond to this contentious issue.
LaLiga has announced that they will be investigating a complaint filed by Getafe alleging that Real Madrid star Jude Bellingham called Getafe forward Mason Greenwood a “rapist” during a recent game. The incident reportedly took place during Madrid’s 2-0 win at Getafe on Thursday. The league has confirmed the complaint and stated that they will utilize a lip-reading service to determine the accuracy of the allegation before determining the appropriate course of action.

Greenwood, who joined Getafe on loan from Manchester United in September, has been the subject of controversy after leaving his former club amidst a criminal investigation into possible attempted rape. The case was eventually closed by prosecutors in England due to a lack of key witnesses and new evidence. Despite this, the player and his club decided it was best for him to find a new team. Greenwood has vehemently denied the allegations against him.

The involved parties, including Real Madrid, Getafe, and a representative for Bellingham, have not yet responded to media inquiries. At this time, it is unclear what measures, if any, will be taken against Bellingham if it is determined that he did indeed insult Greenwood as Getafe alleges.

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