Barcelona chief assures Xavi will not be sacked before end of the season

The article discusses Barcelona president Joan Laporta’s decision not to sack coach Xavi Hernández before the end of the season, regardless of the team’s results. Laporta expressed his support for Xavi, who announced that he would step down at the end of the season after a recent defeat. Laporta emphasized that Xavi’s decision was made with conviction and deserves the backing of the club.

Additionally, Laporta touched on various other topics including the breakdown of Barcelona’s relationship with Nike, the failed attempt to sign Lucas Bergvall, and the possibility of launching a new European Super League. He also mentioned that the decision on who will replace Xavi as Barcelona’s coach lies in the hands of the club’s sporting director and that they are working on different options.

Laporta’s stance on supporting Xavi despite the team’s performance adds insight into the inner workings of Barcelona football club and portrays a sense of loyalty and respect for Xavi’s contributions to the team. Furthermore, his comments on the club’s relationship with Nike and the proposed European Super League shed light on Barcelona’s broader strategic decisions and long-term vision for the club’s future.
Barcelona President Joan Laporta has announced that coach Xavi Hernández will not face termination before the end of the season, regardless of the team’s performance. Xavi has stated he will step down at the end of the season following last weekend’s loss to Villarreal. Barça’s remaining hope for a successful season lies in LaLiga and the Champions League, where they will face Napoli in the round of 16.

Laporta has expressed his unwavering support for Xavi and his decision to step down at the end of the season. He emphasized that Xavi deserves the opportunity to finish the campaign and stressed that there are plans underway to ensure a smooth transition to a new coach. Laporta also addressed potential changes to the club’s kit supplier, as well as plans for the launch of a new European Super League.

Overall, Laporta’s message reflects the club’s commitment to its current coaching staff and strategic direction, while also highlighting key initiatives to propel the club forward.

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