USWNT captain Horan believes that most U.S. soccer fans lack knowledge

Lindsey Horan’s recent comments about American soccer fans and the USWNT’s performance at the 2023 Women’s World Cup have sparked discussion and controversy. Horan expressed frustration with fans’ inability to accurately assess her gameplay and suggested that they rely too heavily on commentators. However, she also acknowledged that the sport is growing in the US and fans are becoming more knowledgeable.

Horan’s experience playing for Lyon in France has given her a different perspective, as she feels that people in France have a better understanding of her style of play. She also addressed the criticism the team received after their disappointing World Cup showing and emphasized the pressure and competitiveness of playing for the USWNT.

Looking ahead, Horan is optimistic about the team’s potential and highlighted the skills and mentality of the new-look USWNT. With the Paris Olympics on the horizon, she believes the team has the ability to reach new heights and instill fear in their opponents.

Overall, Horan’s comments shed light on the challenges and expectations of being a part of the USWNT, and her insights offer a deeper understanding of the team’s dynamics and goals for the future.
Lindsey Horan, the captain of the United States women’s national team, expressed in an interview with The Athletic that American soccer fans often struggle to accurately assess her performances, stating that “most of them aren’t smart.” Described as co-captain of the USWNT since July 7, 2023, Horan is given the armband alongside veteran forward Alex Morgan when both players are on the field together.

Horan acknowledged that the soccer culture in France, where she competes for Lyon in club football, differs from that in the U.S., with a greater understanding of her style of play. Despite the team’s disappointing performance at the 2023 Women’s World Cup, Horan emphasized her focus on the internal standards and potential of the refreshed USWNT in preparation for the Paris Olympics.

Her experience with the pressure of playing for the four-time world champion has further developed her understanding of the competitive nature and high demands of representing the national team. Looking ahead, Horan sees significant potential in the team’s ability to perform at its best, provided every player is aligned and able to showcase their individual strengths.

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