UWCL Recap: PSG and Ajax advance with help from own goals

chance of going one better than in 2022. A thoroughly reckless attacker, Graham Hansen has been instrumental in Barcelona’s run domestically and in Europe for club and country.Lawson: No arguments from me. Graham Hansen is a phenomenon and, while there has been plenty of praise for the strength in depth to this Barcelona side, particularly in attack, the Norwegian wins the MVP by some distance. She’s influential beyond just her assists and goals; her movement and ability to take on multiple defenders opens up chances for others and while she hasn’t always taken up the greatest positions to score, her dribbling and first steps — plus the defenders tracking her whenever she gets the ball — has created a space for others to exploit.Recent games prove that Barcelona don’t necessarily need a 90-minute performance from Graham Hansen to win games, as other players have stepped up. She does, however, guarantee they’re always going to get one. In terms of bang for buck in this competition, she’s the one player the club will hope to have in top form for the next few months.
The group stage of the Women’s Champions League for the 2023-24 season has come to a conclusion, and eight teams have emerged to advance to the quarterfinals. In Group A, Barcelona had already secured their place in the next round, but their thrilling 4-4 draw with Benfica added to the excitement of the competition. Meanwhile, Eintracht Frankfurt’s impressive 5-0 win over Rosengård solidified their spot in the quarterfinal. Eight-time champions Lyon also had a strong showing in Group B, securing their place along with fellow qualifiers SK Brann. Group C was marked by an intense battle for the top spot, with Paris Saint-Germain ultimately taking the lead and Ajax clinching second place. In Group D, Chelsea had already sealed their position for the quarterfinal, and BK Häcken secured the second qualification spot with a stunning victory over Real Madrid.

The highly competitive matches and unexpected outcomes of the group stage have resulted in a spectacular lineup of teams for the quarterfinals, setting the stage for thrilling encounters in the next phase of the tournament. The quarterfinal draws will take place on February 6, and the anticipation is high to see the matchups between the group winners and runners-up. This finely poised stage of the competition promises to deliver top-class football as the quest for the ultimate title continues.

The standout performances of individual players have been a highlight of the group stage, with Caroline Graham Hansen emerging as a standout MVP. Her exceptional contributions in both scoring and facilitating goals for Barcelona have been unmatched, making her a key player to watch as the tournament progresses. With her remarkable skills and impact on the game, Graham Hansen has proven herself to be a game-changer for her team and a standout performer in the Women’s Champions League.

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