February Viewing Guide: Catch the Champions League, Premier League, and More

…hovering between those two, and they’ll face off at the end of the month in a match that could both catapult one team into the catbird seat for a Champions League bid and sink the other a bit closer to the Europa Conference League chase. And speaking of the Europa (sort of), the first leg of Inter’s tie against RB Leipzig (Dec. 15) and the first leg of Roma’s tie against Brighton (Dec. 15), might also shape how each team’s season is remembered.

And then, of course, you’ve got your occasional wackadoodle Cavese win and your Napoli soap opera to throw in for good measure. It’s quite the month ahead.
Now is the moment when the rubber meets the asphalt. After a bustling January filled with cup competitions (often delightful), endless transfer speculation (most of which didn’t materialize), and inclement weather, February raises the stakes significantly in Europe.

The UEFA competitions are set to return, with the first-leg matches of the Champions League round of 16 slated for the middle of the month. From England (first-place Liverpool at third-place Arsenal) to Germany (second-place Bayern Munich at first-place Bayer Leverkusen) to Spain (first-place Girona at second-place Real Madrid) to Italy (second-place Juventus at first-place Inter), there are many monumental league matches coming up in a condensed period of time. On top of that, the unpredictable Africa Cup of Nations is approaching its final stages as well.

Given the magnitude of these developments, let’s now examine five (or so) matches to monitor in each major country/competition.

David Richard

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