Referring to playing against Messi, Socceroos respect but don’t fear Son

Australia has shown that they are not afraid to face some of the world’s best players, with their strong defensive structure and stout defense. With the upcoming Asian Cup quarterfinal against South Korea, the Australian team will need to be on high alert for superstars like Son Heung-Min, but they have proven that they are proficient in defending against global megastars, having faced off against Lionel Messi and other top players in recent fixtures. The team’s physicality and high intensity on the field may provide them with a distinct advantage, as they focus on pressuring the opposition and maintaining a strong defensive presence. The match is set to be an exciting and open game, and the Socceroos will be looking to come out on top with their strong team effort and determination.
Australia and South Korea are prepared to compete in the Asian Cup quarterfinal in a re-match of the 2015 final. On Tuesday, Korea secured a hard-earned victory over Saudi Arabia in a dramatic, penalty shootout win, placing them in contention to face the Socceroos this Friday. Despite the recognition of Son Heung-Min as one of the world’s best players, Australia remains unfazed, having faced off repeatedly against Lionel Messi over the last 14 months. Australia boss Graham Arnold, acknowledging the strength of their opponents, emphasized the importance of their defensive structure and shape in garnering success. Arnold expressed relief that the match would not be played in front of the loud and hostile Saudi fanbase due to Korea’s last-gasp victory. The Socceroos continue to pride themselves on their defensive tactics, promising that they will focus on their own team mentality and game plan to secure victory. Both teams are expected to play at a high intensity, with Australia taking advantage of the physical demands of the game and Korea seeking to maintain high energy despite a shorter recovery time from their last game.

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