Super League Issues Warning to UEFA regarding Anti-Competitive Behavior

A22 Sports Management’s public call for the immediate cessation of anticompetitive behavior by UEFA adds further pressure to the ongoing dispute between the two entities. The letter, which was sent to UEFA and subsequently published on social media, accuses UEFA of denigrating A22’s reputation and threatening European clubs to prevent them from engaging in projects with A22. This move comes after UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin allegedly mischaracterized a previous letter from A22, prompting the organization to take a more public stance on the issue.

Furthermore, A22 cites a ruling from the European Court of Justice in December, which found that UEFA and FIFA were in breach of EU law by preventing the formation of a Super League. Despite this ruling, A22 claims that UEFA has continued to engage in anticompetitive behavior, leading them to demand an immediate cessation of such actions.

The public release of the letter and the decision to take the issue to social media platform X demonstrates A22’s determination to hold UEFA accountable and to garner support for their cause. As the dispute unfolds, it will be interesting to see how UEFA responds to A22’s demands and how this will ultimately impact the future of the European Super League and the broader landscape of European football.
On the 31st of January 2024, at 11:53 AM ETA22 Sports Management, a professional entity established for the purpose of contributing to the establishment of the European Super League, publicly released a letter addressed to UEFA requesting the prompt cessation of anticompetitive actions. This decision to make the correspondence public was made in response to UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin’s mischaracterization of the letter and public statements made at the Spobis sports business congress in Hamburg. In the letter, A22 accuses UEFA of engaging in anticompetitive behavior since April 2021, including actions that have tarnished their image and attempts to dissuade European clubs from collaborating with A22. Despite a ruling by the European Court of Justice in December indicating that UEFA and FIFA were in violation of EU law for inhibiting the formation of a Super League, A22 contends that UEFA’s anticompetitive conduct has persisted. Therefore, A22 demanded that UEFA and its executives immediately cease and desist from any anticompetitive actions against A22, its business endeavors, its partners, and its directors. A22 also instructed affiliated third parties of UEFA to adhere to the same directive.

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