Bringing Lessons from FC Barcelona to Austin, MLS: Rodolfo Borrell’s Impact

In the article, Jeff Carlisle describes the vision and ambition of Rodolfo Borrell, the sporting director of Austin FC. Borrell brings a wealth of experience from renowned clubs like Barcelona and Manchester City to his new role in order to help improve and develop the U.S. soccer ecosystem.

One key aspect of Borrell’s vision is to improve the quality of coaching at youth level. He stresses that developing better coaching methods will be essential to help young players understand and execute soccer concepts effectively. Borrell’s experience from top European academies has given him insight into the necessity of starting player development at a young age and specializing in soccer earlier in order to achieve higher levels of technical proficiency.

Another fascinating perspective Borrell brings is his emphasis on creating a game model for Austin FC that reflects the city’s identity and culture. He mentions how in Barcelona, it wasn’t enough to win; the team had to win well, playing an attractive style. Borrell’s intention to incorporate this approach in Austin reflects his focus on not just winning, but also entertaining and engaging the local fans.

Furthermore, Borrell highlights logistical challenges in the U.S., such as the vast size of the country and the necessity to find the best competition and the right coaching talent closer to home. This can be seen as a call for collective effort from various soccer organizations to work together in order to improve the overall quality of soccer in the U.S.

Overall, the article provides in-depth insights into the thought process and strategies of a seasoned soccer professional who is dedicated to transforming and enhancing the landscape of soccer development in the U.S. Borrell’s focus on coaching, player specialization, and developing a unique game model for Austin FC adds tremendous value to the ongoing dialogues about soccer development in the country.
Rodolfo Borrell was appointed to the role of sporting director for Austin FC during the summer months of 2023. In 2018, having already spent seven years following Major League Soccer, he recognized the potential for growth and development within the North American soccer sphere and its premier league.

Subsequently, a significant shift occurred during a clinic for a group of thirteen-year-olds in New York, where Borrell was awed by the youths’ ability to learn and effectively implement new concepts. This experience solidified his belief in the untapped potential of United States soccer. Borrell’s dedicated efforts in making this vision a reality commenced when he assumed the position of sporting director at Austin FC last June.

In the wake of Austin FC’s tenure progression, ESPN recently sat down with Borrell to capture his thoughts on strategies to elevate player development in the United States. He stressed the need for improvements in the quality of coaching at youth level and identified age 12 as the youngest academy side for Austin FC, compared to the age six standard for elite European sides.

While he acknowledged existing challenges involving cultural norms, Borrell supported the notion of early specialization as an advantage. In essence, this six-year developmental headstart offers international competition a significant advantage over young U.S. players. Additionally, he emphasized the need for collaborative efforts involving the U.S. Soccer Federation, state associations, and individual clubs to amplify standards of coaching, leaving a notable impact.

Furthermore, Borrell provided insight into Austin FC’s long-term strategic goals. He underpins significant values derived from experiences at La Masia, Barcelona’s revered academy, while adhering to the need for a game model that reflects the city. With utmost confidence, Borrell aligns this approach with Austin’s populace, advocating for an attractive football ethos that resonates with the local community.

Borrell’s wide-ranging expertise and extensive experience, garnished from successful stints with major football institutions, validate his suggestions and approach to player development and the game model in the soccer sphere in the U.S. His deep commitment and impactful plans underpin Austin FC’s ambitions, giving an overall optimistic outlook to U.S. soccer’s future developments.

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