Barcelona job making Xavi feel unvalued in ‘cruel and unpleasant’ environment

Xavi Hernandez, the outgoing coach of Barcelona, recently expressed his frustration with the lack of value placed on his work at the club. Despite leading Barça to a LaLiga victory last season, Xavi feels that his efforts have not been adequately appreciated. He announced his departure after a recent defeat and emphasized the challenges and pressures of the job. Despite the difficulties, Xavi has not completely ruled out the possibility of returning to the club in the future. His announcement has come at a crucial time for the team as they seek to make a comeback in the league and progress in the Champions League.
Xavi Hernandez, the outgoing coach of Barcelona, expressed his feelings about his work at the club, stating that it has not been sufficiently valued. He announced his departure in the wake of a defeat to Villarreal, despite having a contract until 2025. Xavi expressed the demanding nature of the job and the lack of appreciation for the work he has done. He also hinted at a possible return in the future, emphasizing his love and commitment to the club. Additionally, he stated that he hopes his decision to leave will have a positive impact on the team as they strive to turn their season around.

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