The double standards in the treatment of managers: Xavi, Klopp, and Eriksson

…to be singing his praises and celebrating his legacy.

Xavi, who is regarded as a legend at Barcelona for his extraordinary playing career, is now being subjected to similar treatment. While he should be honored and respected for what he has accomplished for the club, instead, reactions to his decision to step down as coach have been dismissive and critical.

This pattern of treating top athletes and coaches with disrespect until they leave or achieve great success is a disgusting trend in the sports industry. It shows a lack of appreciation for the hard work and dedication these individuals put into their craft. Graham Hunter’s insightful analysis of the treatment of these three coaches sheds light on the unfair treatment they have received and calls for a more respectful and fair approach going forward. His perspective adds value to the conversation around these coaching departures and highlights the need for more compassion and understanding in the way we discuss the careers of sports figures.
Graham Hunter, a freelancer writer based in Barcelona, has expertise in La Liga and the Spanish national team. Over the past few days, important football coaches Sven-Göran Eriksson, Jürgen Klopp and Xavi Hernández have announced their impending departures. The emotional response to Eriksson’s and Klopp’s departures was one of disbelief and appreciation, while Xavi’s announcement garnered criticism, impatience, and a boorish attitude.

Each coach’s situation is different. Eriksson has had an illustrious career and recently announced that he is dying of incurable cancer. Klopp’s departure reflects his desire to be honest and open with people about his health. Xavi’s departure is a result of his deteriorating emotional strength and positivity as the coach of Barcelona. His announcement and reasons were received differently than the other two.

The general tone of criticism surrounding Xavi’s announcement was arguably undeserved given his contributions to the club and the challenges he faced. There has been a trend of treating top sports figures as expendable commodities. This disregard for their feelings and well-being is something that Eriksson, Klopp, and now Xavi, have all experienced. This harsh treatment should be reconsidered and more appreciation should be given to these figures.

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