Eni Aluko ‘afraid’ to leave home after Joey Barton online abuse

Introduction to the Article
Former England international and ITV pundit Eni Aluko recently took to Instagram to reveal the abuse she suffered as a result of Joey Barton’s social media posts. As a result, Aluko announced that she is taking legal action against Barton for the online abuse she has received and expressed concerns about the impact this type of behavior could have on female broadcasters in the sport.

The Impact of Online Abuse

In a 15-minute video posted on Instagram, Aluko openly shared her fears about leaving her home due to the online abuse she’s experienced. She admitted that she felt genuinely scared, highlighting the direct impact online abuse has on an individual’s sense of safety and well-being.

Barton’s Comments and ITV’s Response

During ITV’s coverage of Crystal Palace’s FA Cup tie with Everton, Barton made disparaging comments about Aluko and fellow pundit, Lucy Ward. His comments prompted ITV to describe them as “vindictive,” which was echoed by the sports minister Stuart Andrew, who condemned Barton’s “dangerous” words.

Legal Action and Protecting Against Harm

Aluko declared that she is seeking legal advice and taking action against Barton for his comments, pointing out that consequences should apply to offensive behavior such as his. She also expressed her fear that without putting a stop to this kind of abuse, it could lead to severe consequences for those targeted.