Anxiety weighing heavily on Arsenal but is Ivan Toney the answer?

Introduction to the article:
Analysis of Arsenal’s pursuit of Ivan Toney and the team’s struggles in scoring and creating goals.

The Problem with Arsenal’s Attack

The article details how Arsenal’s lack of goal-scoring ability has impacted their performance in recent fixtures.

Arteta’s Ideal Team and the Struggle for Goals

Arteta was optimistic about his team’s potential at the start of the season, but they have fallen short in terms of goal-scoring.

The Need for a Quality Forward

The article compares Arsenal’s goal-scoring issues to Manchester United’s in 1992-93, suggesting that a quality forward could make all the difference for the team.

Eric Cantona and Dwight Yorke: Examples of Transfromative Players

The article highlights how signing transformative players, such as Eric Cantona for Manchester United, can propel a team to success.

Revisiting Arsenal’s Season Expectations

Arsenal’s struggles to meet the flowing attack and goal production Arteta envisioned for the team are discussed.

Arsenal’s Tactical Adaptations and the Pursuit of Ivan Toney

The article evaluates Arsenal’s tactical changes and potential pursuit of Brentford forward Ivan Toney as a solution to their attacking woes.