Liverpool can thrive in Salah’s absence with a timely return

Mohamed Salah carries his team to the top of the standings by scoring goals and providing assists. He is about to leave for the Africa Cup of Nations for a month, leaving Liverpool without its best striker.

The impact of Salah’s departure

A title race is being stripped of its top players with Salah’s departure. His absence could have far-reaching repercussions for Liverpool’s ambitions in multiple competitions.

Klopp’s plan to adapt

Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool’s manager, is determined to improvise and adapt to the situation, hoping to find solutions and strategies that work in Salah’s absence.

The availability of alternates

Klopp will rely on the availability of other key attackers to lessen the impact of Salah’s prolonged absence.

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The importance of Diogo Jota

Klopp views Diogo Jota, who has often scored as Salah’s alternate, as a crucial player during Salah’s absence.

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Historical context

There is precedent for Liverpool being victorious despite missing their top goalscorers as they managed to win games in the past when Salah and Sadio Mane were unavailable. Liverpool hope to learn from that experience as they hope to win without Salah.