Kyle Walker focused on the future after unforgettable year for Manchester City

Walker confident City can mount a title defense

In a recent interview, Manchester City defender Kyle Walker expressed his confidence in City’s ability to mount a successful title defense in the Premier League. Despite dropping points in previous matches, City has emerged resilient and focused on reclaiming the top spot in the league. With a strong second half to the season ahead, Walker remains optimistic about the team’s ambitions for the remainder of the competition.

Finding Consistency on the Field

One of the primary concerns surrounding Manchester City’s performance has been their ability to secure wins in recent matches. Although Manchester City has maintained strong gameplay, the outcomes have not always been in their favor. Walker, however, believes that the team’s performance and winning mentality remain consistent. Their recent turnaround against Everton showcased the determination and resilience of the squad, reassuring supporters and critics alike.

Phil Foden’s Rising Performance

The absence of key players like Kevin De Bruyne has presented challenges for Manchester City. However, Phil Foden’s recent performances have brought a glimmer of hope to the team’s midfield. Walker recognizes Foden’s talent and contribution to City’s creative gameplay. He emphasizes that Foden needs to maintain his performance and continue to push himself to reach his potential. With Foden’s growth and dedication, there is strong belief that he can fill the gaps in City’s midfield and make a lasting impact on the team’s success.