Creating Chaos: A Look at Malmo Manager Henrik Rydstrom’s Brazilian Football Style

Henrik Rydstrom is a legendary figure in the Swedish coastal town of Kalmar. Renowned for his tough and gritty playing style as a midfielder, he was the warrior captain who led the club to their only Swedish title in over a century. After two decades of unwavering service, the No 8 shirt was retired in his honor.

Rydstrom’s playing style may not have been flashy, but it was effective. Known for his tough demeanor on the field, he once described Kalmar’s style of football as “boring.” However, his perspectives changed when they faced Dutch side FC Twente in the Intertoto Cup, and were defeated by Twente’s fast, fluid passing game.

After retiring, Rydstrom became Kalmar’s youth team coach, where he began pondering a different approach to football. Inspired by bold coaching styles, such as that of Marcelo Bielsa, he implemented an attacking style of play when he took the reins as Kalmar’s first-team manager. He swiftly revolutionized the club’s approach to the game, leading them to a top-four finish in just two seasons.

Rydstrom’s bold ambitions didn’t stop there. In 2021, he was appointed as the manager of Malmo, the biggest club job in Sweden. Despite skepticism from fans and the media about his eccentric style, he was determined to bring a new brand of football to Malmo. Focused on style as well as success, Rydstrom wanted to see not only victories, but a distinctive approach on the pitch.

His coaching style, heavily influenced by the ideas of relationism, a philosophy of attacking movement, marked a significant change for Malmo. The positional football that held the team together was replaced by a much more explosive and unpredictable playing style. Rydstrom’s idea was simple: “Go for the throat.” With his guidance, Malmo transformed into a formidable force, suffocating their opponents and climbing to title contenders within a single season.

Rydstrom’s ambitious principles in the football world mirror his views on life as well. His unconventional approach to the game is a reflection of his passion for freedom and expression. This captivating style of play captivated not only the fans, but the players as well, creating an engaging and liberating atmosphere on the pitch.

Despite the initial setbacks and challenges in coaching a new style, Rydstrom’s unwavering determination saw Malmo evolve into an unstoppable force. Their thrilling brand of football, filled with creativity and daring moves, left their mark on the Allsvenskan league. In a dramatic season finale, Malmo secured the title with a victory over Elfsborg, a triumphant moment that bore testament to Rydstrom’s unique vision.

As he ventures into well-deserved downtime, enjoying a family holiday amidst winter, Rydstrom’s legacy lives on. His bold and innovative approach to football has not only changed the game for Malmo, but also sparked a revolutionary wave in the European football landscape. His influence is spreading across the continent, with echoes of his visionary playing style resonating in teams and coaches beyond the Swedish borders.