Manchester United’s continuous struggle in the Champions League despite their efforts

In football, there’s nothing worse than when people start to pity you, and that’s where Erik ten Hag has found himself. Thomas Tuchel expressed “sympathy” for the Bayern Munich manager’s situation, acknowledging that the key players’ injuries have made things difficult. However, this is no excuse for Manchester United’s lackluster performance.

United were abysmal, with few shots on target and more injured players than successful plays. With a 50 percent loss rate this season and growing concerns about ten Hag’s abilities, it’s clear that something needs to change. The team’s performance has been the worst since Sir Alex Ferguson retired, exposing deep-seated issues.

Ultimately, United needs to modernize. The impending Ineos situation and potential restructuring of the club could be the change that’s needed to bring them up to par with other top teams.

Ten Hag’s transfer decisions have been questionable, and the lack of a clear playing style makes it difficult to gauge his progress. Simply put, United’s management and structure need an overhaul. The team’s reliance on promising young players like Marcus Rashford has led to a collective failure that only Ratcliffe and his staff can potentially fix.

There’s a lot to be done, but hopefully, the changes will come soon.