Finding Liverpool’s Best Solution Could be Challenging with Trent Alexander-Arnold in Midfield

Trent Alexander-Arnold made history in Liverpool’s wild 4-3 win over Fulham. While he didn’t score twice in the game as he initially thought, his magnificent free-kick resulted in an own goal by the Fulham goalkeeper, Bernd Leno. Alexander-Arnold did, however, seal the comeback victory with an 88th-minute goal, showcasing his attacking impact and earning the Reds three important Premier League points.

The debate on whether Alexander-Arnold should permanently move from right-back to central midfield continues to intensify. Manager Jurgen Klopp has a lot to consider on this matter, including how it would affect the rest of the team. The status quo sees Alexander-Arnold primarily playing as a right-back, but there’s potential for change, especially given his standout performances when placed centrally, as seen against Fulham.

Moving Alexander-Arnold to midfield raises the question of who would fill his role at right-back. The team would need to consider internal solutions, such as young talents like Conor Bradley and Jarrell Quansah, or look to the transfer market for an experienced full-back. This potential position change also brings up tactical questions about Alexander-Arnold’s role and the team’s overall balance.

Ultimately, regardless of where Alexander-Arnold ends up playing, his influence and world-class abilities will continue to impact Liverpool’s game. As Klopp continues to fine-tune his team, Alexander-Arnold’s role and contributions are set to grow even further.

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