Pranksters disrupt Euro 2024 draw with “sex noise” prank

The Euro 2024 draw was recently disrupted by a prank involving loud porn noises being played during the event. Moaning sounds were heard while the teams were being drawn into their groups for next summer’s tournament in Germany. This prankster, known as ‘Jarvo69’ promptly claimed responsibility for the stunt and declared, “We done it, we got in there. Sex noises at the Euro 2024 draw. Love you guys.” This isn’t the first time he has pulled off a successful prank involving porn noises, as he previously claimed credit for a similar incident during a BBC live coverage of a soccer match. There has been no official statement from any of the organizers regarding the prank. Despite the disruption, the draw saw Scotland positioned to face hosts Germany in the first game of the tournament, while England is placed in a friendly-looking Group C.

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