Adapting to the Premier League with Liverpool has been more challenging than I anticipated, says Wataru Endo

Liverpool’s summer signing Wataru Endo is determined to make his mark in the Premier League despite finding it more challenging than expected. The 30-year-old Japanese international has faced tough competition for playing time, but remains confident in his ability to contribute more to the team.

Although he has struggled to adapt to the fast-paced nature of the Premier League, Endo is committed to improving and learning from the experience. He acknowledges the physical demands of the league and is working hard to meet the expectations set by manager Jurgen Klopp.

Endo’s integration into the team was hindered by his late arrival, but he is eager to embrace the pressure and challenges that come with playing for a club like Liverpool. As a defensive midfielder, his goal is to make a difference in the team’s defense while also contributing to their winning mentality.

Despite the competition for his position and limited playing time, Endo is determined to be ready for any opportunity that comes his way. With his dedication and willingness to improve, he is focused on proving himself as a valuable asset to the Liverpool squad.

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