Anthony Gordon can make a statement for England by shining brighter than Marcus Rashford

Newcastle United will face off against Manchester United on Saturday night in a highly anticipated Premier League match. With just one point and one place between them in the table, the stakes are high as both teams look to secure a crucial victory.

Both clubs are coming off midweek draws in their Champions League matches, with Newcastle holding Paris Saint-Germain to a 1-1 draw and Manchester United settling for a 3-3 draw against Galatasaray. However, despite their similar standings, the clubs are facing very different challenges this season.

Manchester United have been dealing with a number of issues, including an underperforming goalkeeper, manager scrutiny, and ongoing off-field problems. On the other hand, Newcastle appears to be a more cohesive and progressive club, with an improving squad and strong home form.

In terms of the upcoming match, Newcastle’s work rate, team chemistry, and home advantage could give them the edge over Manchester United, who have struggled to score goals and have a weaker away record. Additionally, the match will feature key battles between players vying for a spot in England’s Euro 2024 squad, with Newcastle’s Anthony Gordon and Tino Livramento potentially challenging Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford for a place on the team.

Overall, the outcome of this match could have implications for both clubs’ top-four aspirations and the selection of players for the national team. If performances in the game favor Newcastle’s players, the calls for their inclusion in the national team may grow louder, potentially impacting the standing of Manchester United’s stars.

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