Everton Appeals 10-Point Deduction Imposed

Everton has filed an appeal against the Premier League’s decision to deduct 10 points from the club. The deduction was imposed for breaching the league’s profit and sustainability rules. This move left Everton in the relegation zone, shocking and disappointing the club. They have taken their case to the Premier League’s Judicial Panel in hopes of overturning the decision.

Criticism has been leveled at the Premier League, with mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham calling the decision an example of “regulatory malpractice” and “abuse of process.” The league has strongly denied these accusations.

The club was found to have exceeded the permitted threshold for losses over three years by £19.5m, leading to the 10-point deduction. Burnham, who is an Everton season-ticket holder, criticized the Premier League for implementing a sanctions policy in the middle of Everton’s case, which he views as unfair. The team is now awaiting the appointment of an Appeal Board to hear their case.

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