Premier League Responds to Andy Burnham’s Accusations of ‘Regulatory Malpractice’ in Everton Decision

The Premier League has clapped back at Andy Burnham and his claims about misconduct, refuting his suggestions and defending their process.

In an open letter, Burnham criticized the Premier League for “abuse of process” due to the adoption of a sanctions policy mid-way through Everton’s case, but the chair of the Premier League, Alison Brittain, responded with a detailed three-page letter that refuted all allegations of misconduct.

Brittain explained that the Premier League operates without a set sanction in order to allow independent panels to use discretion and take into account mitigating circumstances. Not having a fixed sanction provided a greater threat. She went further to explain that a commission hearing a case independently invites submissions from both sides on appropriate sanctions.

The Premier League clarified that they worked closely with Everton during the period of the club’s breach, ignoring clear warnings over their spending and that they did not request any interview to be pulled.

In light of Burnham’s open letter as an Everton season-ticket holder and his claims about Sky Sports, both Everton and the Premier League seems to be embroiled in a dispute, which is likely to continue since Everton has announced plans to appeal against the 10-point deduction and wider verdict.

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