Controversy arises as Jamie Carragher and John Terry express disapproval of sin bin trial in football: “I’m not a fan.”

Former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher and former England captain John Terry have differing opinions on the introduction of sin bins at higher levels of football. Carragher believes that it would be a positive change that could save the game from being ruined by excessive red cards, while Terry argues that it could make the sport boring.

IFAB, the governing body for football’s official rules, has supported a trial of temporary player dismissals for dissent and tactical fouls. If approved, sin bins could be introduced at higher levels of the game as soon as next season.

Carragher suggested the possibility of introducing “orange cards” to address incidents of accidental dangerous play that may not warrant a full dismissal. Meanwhile, Terry is opposed to the proposed changes, arguing that it could encourage teams to play defensively and create inconsistencies in the referee’s decisions.

Pierluigi Collina, chairman of the Fifa referees committee, confirmed that they would be looking to conduct trials at the professional level. IFAB also discussed potential strategies to address time lost in matches and tactics aimed at disrupting the game’s tempo.

Finally, they considered a possible law amendment regarding handball offenses that result in penalties, to be punished in the same way as fouls in terms of yellow and red cards. These discussions come following the successful implementation of sin bins at grassroots levels, as a measure to improve respect and fair play in the game.

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