Wolves boss frustrated with VAR, says it’s costing ‘livelihoods and reputations’

Wolves manager Gary O’Neil has expressed his frustration with VAR and the impact of bad decisions on his team’s results and players’ livelihoods. After a series of controversial decisions in a recent match against Fulham, O’Neil’s frustration peaked and he called into question the impact and complexity of VAR on the game. The loss to Fulham came as a result of a late penalty, causing O’Neil to lash out at the officials for missing key incidents and ultimately costing his team the game. This is not the first time Wolves have been on the wrong end of VAR decisions, and O’Neil’s frustration is growing as the season progresses. The Wolves manager’s comments highlight the growing concern and controversy surrounding VAR and its impact on the Premier League, as other teams and managers have also raised concerns about the standard of officiating and VAR decisions this season.

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