Insights into Premier League title race revealed by Man City’s response to Liverpool draw

Jurgen Klopp has made it clear that he is a fan of Liverpool’s new team, but is still cautious about their ultimate success. Some have a feeling that the team’s progress is predictable – it seems they are in for another title push. Manchester City’s Bernardo Silva has said “We expected it after a tough season for them.” This is because and the City holds Liverpool in high esteem and realizes they can never really shake them off.

Liverpool have far exceeded expectations thus far this season, and they seem to be back and stronger than ever before. You know Liverpool is back because of their improved performances. There has been a significant turnaround and their midfield has been significantly improved. In the past three seasons, there was a significant decrease in points earned.

Their midfield rejuvenation has breathed new life into the team. Saturday signaled the end of City’s longest home winning streak in a hundred years. But even with their new look, Liverpool played Game 3 and the team could still get better. This team’s revamped midfield has catapulted their improvement, bringing them back from being average to title contenders.

The focus now shifts to the future and their plans to challenge for the league. New signings have added to their resolve, strength, and momentum. All eyes are set for an intense season-long duel between Klopp and Guardiola and both teams are ready to battle for the win.

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