Uncovering the surprising truth behind Jurgen Klopp’s strategy to defeat Pep Guardiola

Jurgen Klopp has positioned himself as the anti-guardian of his adversary for this Saturday’s game. The stage set for their annual clash at the Etihad Stadium. The Liverpool manager praised his opponent’s skill, but claims his own philosophy of defensive gameplay will give him an edge come Saturday. Klopp admires Guardiola, though the differences are what sets them apart – the one scheming and the other figuring out the best strategy for defense.

The Manchester City manager has always given credence to the defensive techniques, though Klopp’s teams have always been the winners, mostly due to their astounding transitions and resilience. Klopp has an admirable record against Guardiola of 12 to 11, and the 93 goals scored in their previous 28 matches cannot be refuted. Klopp’s side may not posses or play the ball as often as they perhaps should, but they have had success by snuffing out City’s comfort on the field and turning it into chaos. Many argue that Guardiola is unable to predict their moves. While others believe it could be that Klopp has been able to anticipate the game’s unfolding chaos.

The prospect of facing a steady and predictable opposition is energy in motion for Jurgen Klopp. He knows he should always be prepared for the unexpected. Whatever happens at this Saturday’s game, we can always expect the unexpected from Klopp, Guardiola may be correct in insisting that Klopp knows what that something is. Something that guarantees a moment of unforgettable madness in the game.

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