Clashes between fans and police cause delay in Brazil-Argentina match

This article details the World Cup qualifier match between Brazil and Argentina, which was marred by clashes between fans and police in the stands in Rio de Janeiro. The match was delayed for almost 30 minutes as a result of the violence in the stands.

Despite the chaos, Argentina went on to win the match 1-0, with Lionel Messi expressing concern over the potential for a “disaster” due to the clashes. Argentina players asked for calm in the stands and refused to return to the pitch until the situation was under control.

The article also highlights Messi’s Instagram post in which he celebrated the victory but also condemned the violence in the stands. Overall, the article serves to provide a detailed account of the events that unfolded during the match and the impact it had on the players and fans.
The World Cup qualifier match between Brazil and Argentina at the Maracana on Tuesday night was delayed for nearly 30 minutes due to disturbances between the police and fans in the stands in Rio de Janeiro. This led to a tense and disruptive atmosphere, prompting concerns from players and officials. Argentina went on to secure a 1-0 victory over Brazil, marking the host team’s first-ever home loss in World Cup qualifying matches (51-13-0).

The trouble began during the playing of the national anthems, with local and Argentinian fans engaging in violent confrontations, resulting in the intervention of Brazilian police. This escalated further as fans rushed onto the pitch to escape the conflict, leading to injuries and chaos in the stands.

Prior to the resumption of the match, Argentina players urged for calm within the stands and subsequently returned to the pitch after a 22-minute break, during which they warmed up for an additional three minutes. The situation was eventually brought under control, allowing the game to proceed.

Following the match, Lionel Messi expressed his concerns about the violence in the stands and emphasized the need for such incidents to be addressed and prevented in the future. Despite the tumultuous events, Argentina secured a crucial victory, maintaining their lead in the South American World Cup qualifying standings, while Brazil remains in fifth position.

In summary, the disturbances at the Brazil vs. Argentina World Cup qualifier created a chaotic and concerning situation, and the focus has now turned to ensuring the safety and security of fans and players in future matches.

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