Emma Hayes’ checklist for the USWNT: Building the player pool, refining tactics, and more

Teams like Sweden and England from the last World Cup. They will be well-organized and well-drilled defensively and are content without the ball3. Good teams that want the ball (think Spain, France, and Canada from the last World Cup). They will press high, close down tightly, and have multiple creative players4. Great teams (think the heavyweights like Germany and Japan). They will be good at every aspect of the gameThis categorization is what Hayes could use to find a systematic way to adapt the United States’ tactical approach.–In preparation for her transition from coaching Chelsea to coaching the U.S. women’s national team, Emma Hayes is taking a strategic approach to ensure a smooth transition. She is using her due diligence to scout the player pool, phase out some of the 2023 World Cup squad, and integrating young talent while preparing strategic pillars for the team based on the different types of opponents they may face. With her background as a successful women’s soccer coach, she is well-positioned to take on this role with the talent and experience required to lead the team to new heights.
Emma Hayes possesses a wealth of experience and knowledge in the sport of soccer. As she prepares to transition from coaching Chelsea to leading the U.S. women’s national team, she faces the task of fully familiarizing herself with the player pool and implementing her tactical approach on the international stage. Despite the logistical challenges involved in this transition, including her continued tenure with Chelsea until the end of the current season, Hayes is committed to taking the necessary steps to prepare for her new role.

First and foremost, her focus will be on thoroughly scouting and assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the U.S. players. Leveraging tools such as Wyscout and film analysis, she aims to gain a deep understanding of their abilities and playing styles. Additionally, she is prepared to selectively integrate young talents into the team, recognizing that the U.S. requires creative playmakers to improve its performances against strategic opponents.

Furthermore, as she transitions the squad for the upcoming international windows, Hayes is ready to make bold decisions about the composition of the team. By phasing out some members of the 2023 World Cup squad and opening opportunities for emerging talents, she anticipates positive changes in the team’s composition and style of play.

Given her adaptable and strategic coaching style, Hayes is well-positioned to devise game plans tailored to face different types of teams encountered in international competitions. She recognizes the importance of thoughtful preparation and effective communication with her players, and is committed to implementing a strong tactical framework for the U.S. women’s national team.

As she embarks on this new chapter of her coaching career, Emma Hayes is dedicated to maximizing the potential of the U.S. team and leading them to continued success in the world of women’s soccer.

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