Ukrainian Coach Condemns Čeferin’s Preference for Italy as Euro 2024 Host

The comments made by UEFA president Aleksander Čeferin about Italy’s qualification for Euro 2024 have sparked controversy and motivation for the Ukrainian national team. Ukraine coach Serhiy Rebrov has criticized Čeferin for expressing his preference for Italy to qualify, stating that it is not their job to focus on such comments. Rebrov believes that Čeferin’s remarks have only served to make his players more motivated and determined to secure qualification for the tournament.

Rebrov has emphasized the significance of the upcoming match against Italy, stating that his team has a good chance of securing the runners-up spot in the group. He highlighted the difference in playing against teams like North Macedonia or Malta compared to playing against England or Italy, stressing the need for his players to show their best performance.

Despite Čeferin’s comments, Rebrov remains focused on the task at hand and is confident that his team will be able to demonstrate their capabilities on the field. The controversy surrounding Čeferin’s remarks has added an extra layer of significance to the upcoming match, with both teams seeking to secure their place in Euro 2024.
Ukraine coach Serhiy Rebrov expressed his disapproval of UEFA president Aleksander Čeferin’s recent comments, stating that they have only served to fuel his players’ motivation ahead of their crucial match against Italy in the German city of Leverkusen. Despite Čeferin’s assertion that it would be a “disaster” if Italy failed to qualify for Euro 2024, Rebrov remains focused on his team’s performance and the task at hand. He emphasized the significance of the upcoming match and the opportunity for his players to demonstrate their capabilities in front of a supportive crowd. Rebrov is confident in Ukraine’s chances and believes that his team is fully prepared to face Italy and showcase their determination to secure qualification for the finals.

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