Lessons Bellingham can take from Bale’s tenure at Real Madrid

On the set of a comedy game show in the UK, former Real Madrid player Gareth Bale offered some advice for Jude Bellingham, who has followed him to the Spanish club. He encouraged Bellingham to “play the game” at Madrid, acknowledging that not adjusting to the expectations of the media and the club had been a significant factor in his own “downfall.”

Bale’s comments shed light on his feelings of hurt and regret during his time at Real Madrid. Despite winning numerous titles, including three LaLiga titles, one Copa del Rey, and five Champions Leagues, he was never a fan favorite and faced criticism from both the media and fans.

The disconnect between Bale’s achievements on the field and the perception of him off the field became a central theme in his career in Spain. Despite his success, he was accused of prioritizing personal interests like golf over football, and negative media coverage worsened his experience in Spain.

Ultimately, Bale’s departure from Real Madrid was met with little regret from the fans, signaling the end of a difficult period for him at the club.

Bale’s candid reflections on his time at Real Madrid offer valuable insight into the challenges that foreign players face when transitioning to Spanish clubs and navigating media expectations. His experience highlights the importance of adapting to the off-field expectations and public perceptions as an integral part of success in a new football environment.
Gareth Bale’s advice was not tendered lightly and was delivered during his guest appearance on the British show “A League of Their Own” with a combination of mock mirth and genuine remorse. Asked what tips he would offer to Jude Bellingham, who had recently joined Real Madrid from England, Bale urged him to learn how to “play the game”. Avoiding the literal and to be understood as a caution in handling the media. He opened up about the media’s impact on his professional career at Spain.

The complexities and unspoken demands of being a top-flight footballer at Real Madrid were evident in Bale’s words. It is not easy to successfully balance the on-pitch and off-pitch performances when media exposure plays a significant role. His reluctance to bend to these unspoken expectations became evident in his bitter regret. He expressed an underlying sense of resignation, a feeing that stemmed from an inner turmoil arising from a lack of admiration and laud from sport enthusiasts and the media.

The critical reaction to Bale’s exit from Real Madrid was also a poignant reflection of the disillusionment that had crept into his tenure. His heavy heart and the indifference of onlookers were a testament to the unraveling of a liaison between Bale and a football powerhouse that had gone sour. His heart-warming exit message did little to quell the widespread melancholy that pervaded his final days at Los Blancos. The somberness of his departure was marked by an unsparing realization that his dream had floundered amid the suffocating surroundings of his tumultuous finale at the Santiago Bernabeu.

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