Analysis of England’s 2-0 Victory over Malta on November 17, 2023

In this article, England coach Gareth Southgate expresses his disappointment at the level of play exhibited by his team after a 2-0 victory against Malta. Southgate feels that the team is not performing at the level they need to be at, noting that the match was lackluster and the players failed to make a statement of intent. Despite the victory, Southgate insists that the performance was not up to standard. The article also provides a breakdown of the match, highlighting key moments and quotes from Southgate. Additionally, it mentions the team’s qualification for Euro 2024 and their need for a point against North Macedonia to secure top seeding. Furthermore, it delves into the performance of various players and the overall disappointing display by England.
Gareth Southgate, the coach of England, expressed his dissatisfaction with the performance of his team in their 2-0 home victory over Malta in Group C, remarking that they were not at “the level we want to be at.” Southgate praised the defensive efforts of his team but acknowledged that they needed to show better quality with the ball. Despite this lackluster performance, Southgate appreciated the exceptional efforts of his players and expressed confidence that they would raise their performance. Southgate emphasized the need for improvement, as England had already qualified for next year’s finals in Germany. He acknowledged that his team would need to consistently perform at a high level to be successful in future competitions.

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