Messi Encourages Uruguay’s Ugarte to Respect Elders

In this article, Argentina captain Lionel Messi is speaking out against the unruly behavior of Uruguay’s young players during a recent World Cup qualifier match. Messi criticized the lack of respect and discipline shown by the younger players and emphasized the importance of learning from their elders. The article highlights the tension and physicality of the match, with several altercations and a brawl breaking out between the two teams. It also includes statements from Ugarte and Messi regarding the incidents on the field. Overall, the article provides insight into the intense nature of the match and the reactions of the players involved.
On November 17, 2023, Argentina captain Lionel Messi expressed his dissatisfaction with Uruguay’s young players for their unruly behavior during the World Cup qualifier. The match resulted in a 2-0 defeat for Argentina, their first loss since winning the 2022 World Cup. Messi commented on the disrespectful behavior of Uruguay’s players and emphasized the importance of respect in such intense fixtures. This sentiment was echoed by Uruguay midfielder Manuel Ugarte, who downplayed the incident. The game also saw altercations between players, including an incident where Messi was captured engaging in physical contact with Uruguay’s Mathías Olivera. Messi acknowledged the challenging nature of matches against Uruguay, citing their intensity and physicality as factors that made the game difficult for Argentina.

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