El Ittihad of Alexandria: Mabuolo is not for sale in Egypt… and we have received Arab offers reaching 3 million dollars.

Mohamed Ahmed, a member of the board of directors of Al-Ittihad Al-Skandary Club, confirmed his team’s intention not to sell the Angolan striker Cristofao Mabulolo to any other club in Egypt, especially with the presence of many tempting Arab offers to sign him.

In a statement to Sada Al-Balad channel, Ahmed said, “Mabulolo scores from a quarter chance, he plays with both his right and left feet, and he is good at taking penalties. He is a respectful player.”

He added, “Mabulolo will not leave Al-Ittihad Al-Skandary in January, and he is not for sale in Egypt.”

“We have received offers from Saudi and Qatari clubs to contract Mabulolo, especially after the start of the current season and his remarkable performance,” he continued.

“We have received offers of up to 3 million dollars, and I don’t see any club in Egypt being able to pay such amounts. The club’s president, Mohamed Moselhi, and the coach, Tarek Al-Ashri, are the ones insisting on keeping him,” he explained.

“The fate of Mabulolo is determined by the club’s best interest, and to consider selling him, there must be a replacement capable of taking his place and leading the team to the position it deserves under coach Tarek Al-Ashri,” he concluded.

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