“May Continue Until January” .. Zamalek Source Reveals Moatamed Gamal’s Fate to Laila Kora

A source within Zamalek club has revealed the fate of Moatamad Gamal, the current assistant coach and interim manager of the first team of the White Castle, whether he will continue with the team in the upcoming period or not.

The source confirmed in exclusive statements to Yalla Koura that Moatamad Gamal will continue to lead the team until the vision becomes clear regarding the new head coach of the team, as the administration is leaning towards hiring a new foreign head coach to replace the former Colombian coach.

The source emphasized that Moatamad Gamal may continue with the team until January next year if the management does not reach an agreement with any foreign head coach, especially with the White Castle’s board setting specific conditions for the new head coach who will take over the team.

The management trusts in the capabilities of Moatamad Gamal and his coaching staff, and is providing them with all the support in the current period, given the team’s important domestic and African matches.

The first team of Zamalek Club is preparing to face Abu Salim from Libya, scheduled for November 26th at the Borg El Arab Stadium, in the first round of the group stage matches of the CAF Confederation Cup.

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