Controversy Erupts as Amazon Faces Backlash for Homophobic Slurs During PSG Game Broadcast

The legal action taken by the French gay rights group against Amazon Prime for offering a football match with audible homophobic chants adds a new dimension to the ongoing conversation about homophobia in sports. This content highlights the impact of offensive behavior and how it is being addressed through legal measures.

The inclusion of quotes from the LGBT Families group and Amazon adds context to the situation and provides insights into the stance of the involved parties. Additionally, the actions taken by PSG players and the club in response to the incident demonstrate a willingness to take responsibility and make amends for the behavior that occurred.

The mention of other LGBT rights groups joining the complaint against Amazon Prime shows solidarity and a collective effort to combat homophobia in football. Furthermore, the statistics presented in the article regarding the prevalence of homophobia in French sport provide important context to the issue at hand.

The reference to the campaign against homophobia in sport and the refusal by some Ligue 1 players to wear rainbow-colored insignia adds depth to the discussion about efforts to promote inclusivity and combat discrimination.

Overall, this content contributes to the ongoing conversation about homophobia in sports by presenting a specific instance and the corresponding actions taken by various parties, thereby adding value to the dialogue about LGBTQ+ rights in the context of athletic events.
A French LGBTQ rights organization announced on Wednesday that legal action has been taken against Amazon Prime for the streaming replay of a football match featuring Paris Saint-Germain and Marseille, during which homophobic chants were clearly audible. This occurred during the September 24 match between the two Ligue 1 rivals, where thousands of PSG supporters engaged in homophobic chanting directed at their opponents. An AFP reporter present at the match noted that the offensive chanting lasted for approximately 10 minutes.

In response to this behavior, four PSG players, including Randal Kolo Muani and Ousmane Dembele, received suspended one-match bans for participating in derogatory chants directed at Marseille players during their 4-0 victory celebration. A lawyer representing the LGBT Families group stated that a criminal complaint has been filed against Amazon Prime for offering the match on replay. While broadcasters are typically not held accountable for offensive content during live matches, they are liable for the content they make available on replay. The complaint asserts that specific chants, which are distinctly homophobic in nature, are audible during the replay.

Additionally, two other LGBT rights groups, Mousse and Stop Homophobie, announced their intent to join the complaint against Amazon for promoting public insults and inciting hatred or violence based on sexual orientation. Amazon has responded by stating that the match is no longer available on Prime Video at the time the complaint was made, and as a broadcaster, it disapproves of the comments or behavior of certain fans.

In light of the situation, four PSG players have publicly apologized for their actions and have pledged to “respect our duty to set an example” in the future. The Rouge Direct group, which advocates against homophobia in sports, has endorsed the complaint against Amazon Prime as part of their ongoing efforts to combat the normalization of homophobia in football. They accused the streaming giant of a breach of promise, claiming that Amazon Prime previously vowed to stop broadcasting homophobic chants during replays.

A survey conducted by the Federation Sportive LGBT+ association in September indicated the ongoing prevalence of homophobia in French sports, with nearly half of the respondents admitting to witnessing homophobic or transphobic behavior in sports. It is notable that last season, several Ligue 1 players refused an invitation to wear rainbow-colored insignia on their jerseys as a gesture against homophobia, although this campaign was predominantly supported by the vast majority of players.

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