Title translation: In two different championships, 37 days apart… How does Tallezca execute his “controversial” stop with Al-Nassr? (List) Revised title: Tallezca’s “Controversial” Stop Against Al-Nassr: Executed in Two Different Championships 37 Days Apart (List)

The Brazilian player Anderson Talisca participated with Al-Nassr club, today, in a 3-1 victory over Al-Wahda in the thirteenth round of the Saudi League, despite being suspended for two matches.

The 29-year-old was punished with a two-match suspension after receiving a direct red card in Al-Nassr’s 1-0 victory over Al-Ittihad in the King’s Cup round of 16.

Talisca has completed 50% of his two-match suspension.

Anderson missed Al-Nassr’s 2-0 victory over Al-Khaleej in the Saudi league.

The surprise is that Talisca returned to participate normally with Al-Nassr against Al-Wahda, without serving his full suspension, as he was supposed to miss one more match.

Al-Wahda’s general football supervisor Tawfiq Tunisie confirmed that the club has lodged an official complaint against Talisca’s participation, claiming that it is illegal.

He stated that Al-Wahda was waiting for Talisca’s participation in order to lodge a formal complaint with the discipline and ethics committee of the Saudi Arabian Football Federation, expressing surprise at the application of the punishment against the Brazilian player.

Waleed Al-Faraj, host of the “Action with Waleed” program on MBC Action channel, commented that Al-Nassr received a letter from the discipline committee stating that Talisca’s suspension means his absence from the first league match (Al-Khaleej) and the first cup match (Al-Shabab).

Al-Nassr will face Al-Shabab in the quarter-finals of the King’s Cup.

The discipline and ethics committee rules support the legitimacy of Talisca’s participation by 100%.

Article 17, paragraph (3), states: “Any person who is sent off or excluded is automatically suspended from participating in the next match in the same competition.”

The same competition refers to the match against Al Shabab in the King’s Cup on December 11.

As for paragraph (7) of Article (18), it states: “The suspension imposed on players or officials due to violations applies to all competitions and tournaments held at the kingdom, regions, and provinces level.”

All competitions refer to the match against Al-Khaleej in the Saudi league, exactly a week ago on November 4.

For further clarification, Talisca received a two-match suspension, the first (automatic, in the first match in the same competition), the second (disciplinary, in the first match in all competitions).

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