Ihab El-Komy: The New Championship is an Extension of the Super Cup.. and We Will Respond to Zamalek According to Regulations, Not Whims.

Ihab El-Komy, a member of the Football Association, confirmed that Zamalek did not request to participate in the Champions Super Cup, and if they do, it will be responded to according to the regulations.

El-Komy said in statements on Al-Nahar channel: “First of all, all wishes for a speedy recovery to Amer Farouk, to recover and return quickly. I also congratulate the new board of Zamalek led by Hussein Labib, a stronghold of the great sports in Egypt and the Arab world.”

Ihab El-Komy: The new tournament is an extension of the Super Cup

He added: “Zamalek did not request to participate in the Super Cup at all, and if that happens, there are regulations for these matters. The Egyptian Football Association follows the regulations, and if Zamalek addresses the Football Association, the response will be according to the regulations and not according to whims.”

The member of the Football Association explained: “The tournament is basically called the Egyptian Super Cup, whether it is between the league and cup champions, and we added the second league and the League Cup champion to it. It is within the rights of the Football Association as internal matters to add to the competition, but not to launch a new championship without referring to the General Assembly. It is an extension of the Egyptian Super Cup.”

El-Komy: Zamalek’s participation increases the tournament’s marketing

He continued: “The regulations of the tournament were announced previously in a press conference, and the clubs participating in the new Egyptian Super Cup tournament, the league champion, its runner-up, the Egypt Cup champion, and the League Cup champion. If the Cup champion is also the league champion or runner-up, we will take the team in third place, and the teams officially participating in the next Super Cup tournament, Al-Ahly, Pyramids, Ceramica Cleopatra, and Modern Future.”

El-Komy added: “Zamalek’s presence in the tournament increases its marketing and popularity to the size of the white club’s fans. When the two poles meet, we find the stands full to the last seat, so personally, I wished that Zamalek did not apologize for not participating in the previous edition, so that their participation would be later according to the regulations.”

El-Komy: No party has requested Zamalek’s participation in the Super Cup

He pointed out: “So far, the sponsoring company has not requested Zamalek’s participation, despite their qualification for the final a while ago. Also, the Abu Dhabi Council did not request that, and the conference we held was attended by the two parties in addition to the Football Association and the sponsoring company, the four parties organizing the competition, and the Super Cup tournament is organized in coordination between the four entities in the framework of full cooperation, and we are working to present the tournament in a way that befits Egyptian football.”

He added: “Fetouh and Mohamed Sabri joined based on Vitoria’s choices, and the Football Association does not interfere in these matters, which are the responsibility of the technical director. We distinguish between the technical staff and administrative matters, and Hazem Emam is in charge of the national team. If Vitoria wants to talk about anything, he talks to him. He did not inform us of any communication from Zamalek to exclude Fetouh and Sabri from the national team, and I believe that there has been no communication at all.”

El-Komy concluded his statements: “At the start of the league, there was some shaking in the refereeing matters, but things have become better recently. We carefully follow all matches of the Premier League and the second division. As we saw, the match between Zamalek and Pyramids had a good outcome, and also Mohamed Youssef managed the match between Al-Ahly and El Gouna in a distinguished manner, and all members of the Football Association support the management of referees by Perreira, and any violation that occurs from any party will be met with the regulations of the Egyptian Football Association. I thank the referees for their distinguished performance and for their constant presence in managing matches in African tournaments.”

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