Analysis of the OL Reign vs. NJ/NY Gotham FC Match on November 11, 2023

The NWSL Championship game will go down as one of the most memorable moments, with a heartbreaking end to Megan Rapinoe’s brilliant career and a victorious win for Ali Krieger. The match was wild and exhilarating as Gotham FC won the National Women’s Soccer League trophy with a 2-1 victory against OL Reign, despite a late scare that saw Gotham’s goalkeeper Mandy Haught get sent off. Rapinoe suffered an apparent torn right Achilles tendon in the first few minutes, ending her career on a bittersweet note. On the other hand, Krieger was elated with her team’s triumph, marking the perfect ending for her career. With a backdrop of emotion, the game became a memorable spectacle as two legendary players closed out their careers in dramatic fashion.
SAN DIEGO — Megan Rapinoe of the OL Reign and Ali Krieger of Gotham FC contended for the National Women’s Soccer League trophy. Krieger emerged victorious, although Rapinoe, seeing her career conclude in an unexpected fashion following an apparent right Achilles injury, endured a bittersweet conclusion to her impressive trajectory. Speaking after the match, Rapinoe retained optimistic spirits, expressing gratitude for the numerous triumphant moments she has experienced throughout her career. During the 2019 World Cup, she was instrumental in the United States’ dominant performance, capturing six goals and solidifying her place in soccer history. Overall, despite the setback, she expressed a sense of contentment and readiness to embrace the shift from professional athlete to patient.

Krieger, who matched Rapinoe’s championship experience as a member of both the 2015 and 2019 U.S. World Cup teams, expressed immediate satisfaction with the conclusive marker to her career and looked forward to celebrating with her family and teammates.

In the course of the match itself, amidst a compelling NWSL championship face-off between OL Reign and Gotham FC, a late equalizer by Reign incited a tumultuous final minute that culminated in the ejection of Gotham goalkeeper Mandy Haught following a VAR review. Despite the chaos, Gotham held their ground and emerged victorious with a wild celebration near midfield.

Regrettably, Rapinoe’s untimely departure from the match due to the injury cast a shadow of disappointment over the crowd, altering the game’s trajectory and atmosphere. Her injury, occurring after a mere three minutes into the game, led to a halt in play and triggered an unforeseen momentum shift. Colleagues and adversaries alike expressed their sorrow for her premature exit.

As the match unfolded, Esther González, a key contributor to Spain’s Women’s World Cup win, played a crucial role in securing Gotham FC’s win with a well-executed header that ultimately sealed their victory. The swift and abrupt exchange of events characterized a whirlwind conclusion to the 2023 NWSL championship and emphasized the challenges and unexpected turns that can accompany competitive sports.

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