Pyramids: We did not complain about Zamalek’s referees.. We are surprised by Eid’s referral to discipline.. And the white did not request the addition of the duo. Pyramids: We did not lodge a complaint against Zamalek’s referees.. We are astonished by Eid’s referral for discipline.. And the white did not ask for the inclusion of the duo.

Hany Saeed, the sporting director of the Pyramids team, confirmed that they will not file a complaint against the referees of the Zamalek match in the Cup.

Pyramids condemned the refereeing errors in the Zamalek match in an official statement today, Friday.

Pyramids: We did not complain about the referees of the Zamalek match

Said said in statements on On Time Sports 2: “Pyramids had the opportunity to achieve a comfortable win, but they were unable to do so due to wasting several easy chances, particularly in the first half where they failed to capitalize on 3 clear opportunities.”

He added, “When you have a player like El-Shahat who is exceptional at taking penalties, why not exploit that and include it in training methods for scoring goals.”

Regarding the statement issued today, Pyramids was keen in their statement to emphasize that they have no problem with Zamalek and congratulated them on their victory.

The sporting director of Pyramids continued: “Referring Mamdouh Eid to the disciplinary committee after a tweet, which was a general tweet that did not speak about a specific person or entity, and it was not done officially. He just expressed his opinion and it was a tweet about football in general, and Mamdouh Eid cannot be blamed for the tweet he wrote.”

He explained, “In the past years, we have seen many people come out and attack the referees and hurl insults at them. Has there been a time when the person who attacked the referees was immediately referred to the disciplinary committee the next day?”

He pointed out, “Filing a complaint against referring Mamdouh to the disciplinary committee is a decision that is up to the board of directors, and it has not been finalized yet. As long as there is a procedure that must be applied to everyone equally, it should be implemented.”

Hany Saeed: Abdullah El-Said has a fighting spirit

The sporting director of Pyramids confirmed: “So far, we have not filed any complaint against the referees of the Zamalek match due to the refereeing errors, and certainly there are some matters that we will file a complaint about, regardless of the opinions of refereeing experts. There are issues that, in my opinion, deserve to be complained about.”

He emphasized, “I admired the way Pyramids played when they were playing with 10 players more than the period they played with the full number, indicating that the players gave their all and did not spare any effort.”

Hany Saeed added, “Abdullah El-Said has a fighting spirit and always tries to give his utmost and sets an example to be followed by other players.”

He concluded his statements, “Zamalek did not request to include Ahmed El-Shenawy and Mustafa Fathi, and these rumors are not true, and Mohamed Hamdi is one of the players we value and want to keep.”

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