Lionel Messi joins MLS fans in celebrating Ballon d’Or win, but Inter Miami loses in friendly match

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Inter Miami extended their congratulations to Argentine star Lionel Messi following his eighth Ballon d’Or win. However, their friendly match in honor of Messi’s achievement ended in a 2-1 loss to MLS rivals New York City FC. Despite the defeat, the evening was filled with celebration as Messi expressed his gratitude for the warm reception he received in Florida. The DRV PNK stadium was nearly filled with fans, showcasing their support for the football superstar.

Messi, after receiving the Ballon d’Or trophy in Paris, thanked the people of Miami for their warmth and affection towards him and his family during their time in the city. Since joining Inter Miami in July, Messi has left a lasting impact on the league, proven by the increase in jersey sales, season pass subscriptions, and ticket sales for Miami’s matches.

The match against New York City FC may have ended in defeat, but Messi remains focused on the future. He expressed his confidence in a better season ahead for the team, as they look to defend their Leagues Cup title and compete in other prestigious competitions in addition to their MLS campaign.

Overall, while the loss was unfortunate, the evening was a celebration of Messi’s success and the passion for football in Miami.

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