Football Federation responds to Pyramids: We will take all necessary actions regarding the violations.. and reject any doubts about the integrity of the referees.

The Egyptian Football Association, headed by Jamal Al-Am, issued a statement today, Saturday, in response to a statement from the Pyramids Club regarding the unjust refereeing the team faced in its last match against Zamalek in the semi-finals of the Egypt Cup. The original time ended in a 3-3 draw, before Zamalek won 4-3 on penalties.

The Egyptian Football Association expressed its appreciation and pride in the Pyramids Club and their leading role in sports investment. At the same time, it aims to address the inaccuracies in the Pyramids Club’s statement, particularly as the club’s executive management tries to deceive others into believing that the refereeing is responsible for their loss.

The Egyptian Football Association clarified that it will take all necessary actions against the unacceptable trespasses in the statement issued by the Pyramids Club’s board of directors against the match referees, which the Egyptian Football Association categorically rejects. Furthermore, there are legal means and frameworks for clubs to pursue their rights under the policy of mutual respect between the Association and all clubs.

The Egyptian Football Association emphasizes its respect and appreciation for all clubs, standing at an equal distance from everyone. It is working diligently to develop the Egyptian refereeing system according to a comprehensive plan that has already begun and will not be reversed. At the same time, it rejects any interference with the referees, questioning their integrity, or any form of disrespect towards them.

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