Title Translation: El Mahlathi: Pyramids’ Early Goal Upsets Our Plans Corrected Title: El Mahlathi: Pyramids’ Early Goal Disrupted Our Plans

Hamza El Mathlouthi, a player of the Zamalek team, commented on his team’s qualification for the final match of the Egypt Cup against Pyramids in the match held on Wednesday evening between the two teams in the semi-finals of the championship.

Zamalek qualified for the Egypt Cup final to face their counterpart Al-Ahly in the final match, after defeating Pyramids on penalties 4 – 3 in the semi-final match, after the end of the original time and extra time with a 3-3 draw for each team.

In post-match statements, Hamza El Mathlouthi said that the Pyramids match was tough but the determination and fighting spirit of all the players were the reason for the victory.

He explained that Pyramids has outstanding players, but the Zamalek players have the spirit of the “White Knight”, pointing out that Pyramids’ early first goal disrupted their calculations.

He confirmed that the Zamalek players missed several opportunities, noting that everyone within the team wanted to please the fans from the first minute.

Hamza El Mathlouthi, a member of the Zamalek team, shared his thoughts on his team’s victory over Pyramids in the semi-final match of the Egypt Cup. He mentioned that despite the tough match, the players’ determination and fighting spirit led to their success. El Mathlouthi also acknowledged the skill of Pyramids’ players but emphasized the strong team spirit of the Zamalek players, also mentioning that they wanted to please the fans from the start of the game.

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