Zizo: We are Zamalek.. with a fan base that makes us believe we are the best team in the world

Ahmed Mostafa Zizo, like the praise to the fans of Zamalek Club, commented on the first football team’s qualification for the final of the 2022-2023 Egypt Cup.

Zamalek advanced past Pyramids in the semi-final of the Egypt Cup, thanks to a stroke of luck that smiled upon them after a 3-3 draw in 120 minutes at Cairo Stadium.

Zizo wrote on his official Instagram account today, Thursday: “We didn’t win a championship, but we reached a stage and a place under miraculous circumstances.”

He added: “We are Zamalek, because we have a fan base that shakes the mountain, we are Zamalek because we have men players.”

He continued: “God draws for you the difficult path in order to appear in the eyes of people as a champion.. He puts you in impossible circumstances to show you that he is there if you do the right things and work hard.”

Before concluding: “We have a fan base that makes us believe that we are the best team in the world even if it’s not true.. Thank you to everyone who was present today, you deserve to celebrate.”

It is worth noting that Zamalek will face Al-Ahly in the final of the Egypt Cup on March 13th.

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