Abdel Wahid El-Sayed: God will reward you with reform.. We need people who resemble Zamalek’s audience.. and Samson’s psychological crisis. you with reform.. We need individuals who resemble Zamalek’s supporters..

Abdelwahed El-Sayed, the director of football at Zamalek, talked about the team’s victory against Pyramids and their qualification for the Egyptian Cup final.

In statements to El-Mehwar TV channel, Abdelwahed said, “The match against Pyramids was named ‘justice,’ and if God wants, justice will prevail. Even in the last match when we lost, I told the players that it is from God. Despite being behind three times, I was confident that we would win. Even if we didn’t achieve victory, the important thing is that we work in the right way.”

“We need people who resemble Zamalek,” Abdelwahed added. “I don’t want to talk about the crises we went through recently, but it is enough for me that there is confidence with the players. Inside the dressing room, there is respect. They know what their duties are. Many crises happened that weren’t announced, but in some matters, the audience should know about the mistakes that need to be changed.”

He continued, “The Zamalek system is different, and I have a system that I follow. They respect me, and they respect Zamalek, and its great fans will find us behind you. Outside the field, there is a respectful audience and management board, and when I inform them of any decision, I agree with Ahmed Soliman and Hussein El-Sayed. We want to offer something special to the fans who have suffered over the past years.”

“We need people who resemble the Zamalek audience, who are concerned about the club and its name. We want to be champions of Africa again. Three or four players who participated against Pyramids haven’t appeared for two or three months. It is natural that anyone who watched the match would say that we will lose, but we won. I thank the players for their performance and respect for the fans,” Abdelwahed said.

He continued, “There are things that should not be overlooked. I am following a system that I hope suits the players. It matters to me that there is mutual respect. The disciplinary decisions had positive reactions among the players. After the trio were disciplined, I submitted the file to the board of directors and told everyone that they were out of the team until a decision is made. It is not right for me to be a supervisor on an international player who earns millions annually and joins the national team, and everyone should know that the player who is concerned about his future is the one who succeeds with you. He is the one who thinks about his future, not me.”

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About Samson’s participation, Abdelwahed mentioned, “He was far from the picture entirely and had a confidence issue. Since a month, he has been participating in training permanently, and even if he doesn’t participate in the scrimmage, he trains alone and wants to prove himself. If Jamal or the next coaching staff relies on Samson, things will be different because the player finishes the attacks in a remarkable way. He only had a weight problem, and we dealt with it. He only needed psychological treatment, and even now, we don’t know the situation of lifting the restriction in January, and it is possible that we continue with these players until the end of the season.”

He concluded, “God willing, the players will receive their dues as promised by the management board, and with the presence of the respectful fans, Zamalek will overcome this difficult period.” Zamalek beat Pyramids on penalties (4-3) after the original and extra time ended in a 3-3 draw, to qualify for the Egyptian Cup final and set a date with Al Ahly.

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