Amer Hussein Announces the Final Date for the Egyptian Cup and Clarifies the Possibility of Zamalek’s Participation in the Super Cup. Amer Hussein announces the final date for the Egyptian Cup

Amer Hussein, a member of the Football Association and supervisor of the Competitions Committee, revealed the date of the Egyptian Cup final between Al Ahly and Zamalek.

Amer Hussein: Egyptian Cup final on March 13th

Amer Hussein said in a TV statement on Al Nahar channel: “The match between Zamalek and Pyramids was exciting, with a number of football players, an open match and there was spirit and competition, this is football, a match that entertained the fans.”

He added: “We are working to increase the number of fans, as evidenced by what happened in the recent Al Ahly match, the attendance exceeded the legal capacity, and it all starts with the audience itself when they are committed. The matches between the popular teams witness tension, and these things take us a step back.”

The supervisor of the Competitions Committee continued: “A match like the one between Zamalek and Pyramids was a popular match and witnessed exciting football, and when the stadium is full, things are different in such types of matches.”

He continued: “In the English Premier League, the stadiums are always full, whether the home team wins or not, the fans are there to enjoy the football, and the seats are close to the field without a track, which makes the players feel excited. Many things complement each other.”

He continued: “We have set the date of the Egyptian Cup final when we scheduled the first round, to be held on March 13th, because there were 45 wasted days in January and February, and before them there will be the Super Cup for the Champions Clubs in December, as well as the Club World Cup.”

Amer Hussein: If Zamalek requests participation in the Super Cup, this will be our position

Amer Hussein continued: “In the current season, the schedules are very difficult, and the national team has 4 official agendas this season, each agenda has 8 days, and we extend before and after by a day, in addition to the African Cup of Nations, so the national team needs around 75 days, and Al Ahly’s commitments need around 22 days to participate in the Super Cup and Club World Cup.”

He added: “We should also not forget the participation of the four teams in the African competitions, and of course, I hope they continue and qualify for the final rounds, and these commitments need around 6 months, and the league takes place over 10 months, so I have only 4 months to fit in all these matches.”

The supervisor of the Competitions Committee explained: If Zamalek officially requests participation in the Super Cup of the Champions League? “We will respond officially at that time, because this tournament is organized by the Abu Dhabi Council, the Clubs Association, the Football Union, and the sponsoring company, so there are 4 parties that decide the matter, in addition to the tournament regulations.”

Amer Hussein: Vitoria is committed to his contract with the national team

Hussein pointed out: “Vitoria has not requested to play friendly matches before the African Cup of Nations, he will start setting the schedule for preparing for the AFCON after playing the World Cup qualifiers during this November, and the preparation camp for the tournament will start on January 2nd.”

Regarding Vitoria’s link to coaching Saudi clubs: “This happens almost every month, Vitoria has an extended contract for four years, and he is a good follower of all youth and junior teams, and we are happy that Vitoria is always in demand. I hope he will not be attacked if he fails in one match, as it happened after the Tunisia match. He understands these things because the atmosphere in Portugal is very similar to Egypt.”

He concluded his statements: “Vitoria is committed to the terms of the contract with the national team, and he has not spoken about anything that upsets him. He is a clear person and if there is something that bothers him, he will talk to us.”

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